Kevin Gross

AVA Networks, LLC

Kevin Gross conceived and developed the CobraNet system for transport of real-time, high-quality audio over Ethernet networks. He is an active contributor to the AVB standards efforts and has helped QSC deploy the audio networking component of their , Q-LAN.

He has had a hand in the systems and network design in many projects utilizing CobraNet such as, Wembly stadium, The U.S. Senate, the 2000 Olympics in Sydney and theme parks such as Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Tokyo DisneySea.

Kevin holds several patents, has written papers and articles and presented on numerous AV networking topics. In 2006 he was awarded an AES fellowship for his contributions to digital audio networking.

Before audio networking, Kevin worked at WaveFrame Corp. and helped develop an Oscar award-winning digital audio recording and editing system and at Peak Audio, Inc. developing and managing early deployments of Peavey’s MediaMatrix digital signal processing system.

Kevin is now an independent engineering consultant to AV and network equipment manufacturers and systems designers.

For more details, please visit Kevin’s LinkedIn profile.